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Get your friends together for a good time! The action is fun and crazy! Different modes make this a gem to play! This is rage inducing fun!
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UpBreakers is a fun arcade brawler indie game. Perfect for an intense couch session with friends (local coop or multi), collect more items, dash, grab, throw stuff at your rivals, nice!
Earth in the Porthole
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Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Platform: PC, Steam
Players: 2 – 16
Maps (to date): 4

Release: November 15, 2018
Developer: Bootsmann Games


When hearts break and two angry singles are all that’s left from one happy couple, chaos is inevitable. High time to flee the apartment and grab as much of the stuff as you can carry! Who better to help moving out than the UpBreakers: A moving company that has also completely fallen out with each other and is breaking up failed households. The two rival companies don’t spare themselves anything. Because only the team with the most transported furniture takes home the payoff in the end!

Why Early Access?

Your early feedback is key for our further development! Early Access gives us the opportunity to involve you in that process and create a game which might not be mainstream but has the distinct flavor you’ll be giving it.