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Proudly Indie!

Let’s do something daring. Let’s break with conventions. Just be loud and astounding. Not easy in today’s world and therefore so important.

While the market listens to the masses, we listen to our minds and our understanding of a medium so full of potential for individual art and characters, stories and beautiful moments. We draw our energy from what we enjoy:
Escape reality – if just for a moment or two.

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Casual Game (PC)

Gloves off! Make your moving company the best! Brawl your way through households of broken up couples as your team battles for best at loading up all the furniture. Leave no wall standing in this chaotic action couch co-op!


Graphic Novel

In the search for her missing father, the young Clé discovers her passion for distant lands. An adventure story on the high seas begins when Clé and her faithful companion Sebastien leave the small peninsula Neufcolline and face the mysteries and dangers of a fantastic world.


Android App

An app to safely browse Spotify’s kids content of audiobooks. Bootsmann Games developes the Android version of the app.

Bero's Bizarium

Android Game

Are you ready for Bero’s Bizarium? Do you have the skill to persist his first performance before time runs out? Pit yourself against your friends and master Bero’s tasks to get his trophies!

Meet the parents >

Max Menge

CEO, Art Direction

Lukas Reuter

Lead Programmer

Jörg Menge


Thomas Thürmann

Composer, Level Designer

our brains are full of unreal engine, unity, augmented reality, concept art, 3d asset production, game design, game engineering, c++, c#, visual studio, blueprints, music, composing, storyboarding, trailer production, video editing, character design, animation, rigging, motion capturing and many other things.

Partners in crime

Bootsmann Games


Finsterwalder Str. 80
c/o Menge
13435 Berlin

Chief Executive Officer:
Maximilian Menge

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